Until recently…. A Day in the Life of a Typical Enterprise

Staff Line Managers Management Clients
Log on and start working. Log on and start working. Send emails to get reporting Unable to get through the phones
They spend the next couple of hours sending out a dozen emails. They spend the next couple of hours sending out a dozen emails. Review reporting Need to report inaccuracy
Sending out attachments. Review emails Incorrect/missing reporting Need to update document
Make client calls. Create complex reports Emails back and forth Need to get in touch as emails are unanswered
Create reports. Send reports out via email

Realistically, none of these four entities are really happy. They trudge along each day but there is a lot at stake here.

Staff cannot be effective and efficient when they have to access different portals to get their work done. Time is wasted in making notes in one system and adding a file to another.

Line Managers with already so much on going on, have to create reports which may end up being clumsy and incorrect. Hours are spent trying to fix tiny mistakes which cost the company time and money.

Management is frustrated as they have to deal with inaccurate reporting which leads not being able to make an informed decisions about objectives and goals.

Clients are the most frustrated of the lot; who sometimes are left in the dark as to how their project is going and run around in circles trying to get answers.

In recent years, online collaboration platform have taken enterprises by the horns and shaken the industry. Technology companies have come to the rescue and now help enterprises streamline their business processes to create efficient and effective teams.

It takes a few years on research to find out what slows down the processes and makes workflows muddled and confused for employees. With all the finding put together, an online collaboration system is developed where:

Clients Has Visibility of Their Projects

Clients Has Visibility of Their Projects

A secure environment was created so that where possible, clients could gain access to information regarding their project. Clients could view documents, send a ticket etc. When a task was completed which required the clients approval, the client would be notified and they just had to add their comments and send the task back. This increased the efficiency and ensured that projects could be completed in the required timeframe.

Company Knowledgebase

Company Knowledgebase

Company now knows the value of knowledge and understands that these days, there is too much information floating around. As such, a feature they built was the knowledgebase where, employees, management could upload content to be shared within the organisation. Different permission level settings allowed for specific departments to view the content or allowed for companywide view of the documents.

Projects – The Overall Picture

Projects – The Overall PictureThe powerful projects module has all the features to run a successful project. If there is collaboration required from various departments, then there are sub-tasks where tasks can be assigned. There are features such as milestones, calendar options and much more. They made it easier for projects to be tracked.

Enterprises who combine the right processes and attitudes with the right online collaboration platforms will eventually reduce complicated communication between employees, departments, management and clients and increase their efficiency and overall output.

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