Every day, retailers all over the world are setting up shop in the world’s largest marketplace; the Internet. Ecommerce breaks down barriers that previously existed between consumers and retailers. No longer are consumers limited to what they can purchase in their own domestic markets, but they are able to find millions of products, from around the world, all from the comfort of their home. Manufacturers and distributors now have the opportunity to sell directly to consumers, and with very little overhead compared to traditional retail operations or distribution channels.

With the right ecommerce website development and marketing approach, business owners will find success in this unique industry.

What makes Ecommerce a One of a Kind Industry?

What makes Ecommerce a One of a Kind IndustryEcommerce is unique because the sales aspect is not the only line of revenue for business owners. In page display advertising, text advertising, run-of-site sponsorship and even affiliate commissions can all help to drive additional revenue within an ecommerce model. This provides a more lucrative opportunity to business owners, and has the further effect of providing relevant, but non-competition products and services to interested consumers. Most ecommerce website design firms will offer tailored marketing strategies to accompany page design packages.

Visibility in ecommerce is also unique to that of rival retail or distribution structures. Ecommerce relies heavily on search engine visibility, and to a slightly lesser degree, advertising. Ecommerce operators should utilize search engine optimisation to raise natural rankings in keywords for their target market, but should also supplement this with paid advertising like pay per click, or impression advertising.

Ecommerce website development specialists will assist business owners to develop a marketing strategy that will raise visibility for their site. Ecommerce solutions should be creative as well as multi channelled. New media like social networking is one key area that ecommerce sites can utilize to gain visibility and generate business.

Ecommerce Website Workflow

Because the core functions of ecommerce are primarily performed online, business owners should take a particular interest in security. Ecommerce website development professionals will assist these business owners to produce pages using technologies that make transactions safer for consumers and the business. SSL encrypted payment methods, signed pages for additional security, encrypted data transfer, and customer zones featuring secure authentication will help to protect the interests of all parties. Ecommerce solutions should always take security in mind, even from the earliest stages of planning.


Scalability within ecommerce is what makes it so attractive to new entrepreneurs and business owners. Ecommerce can begin with a small operation, offering a modest product line, and have the potential for growth without excessive investment, risk, or restructuring.

Assuming that a business has access to a wide variety of products that can be mobilised on short notice, and they have channels in place to deliver these goods to consumers, the only solution that remains to be found is a channel that allows the products to be easily sold to those consumers.

Ecommerce offers unique scalability because it is a web based operation. Three key areas make ecommerce more scalable than traditional operations.

Ecommerce Website Design

Ecommerce Website DesignAn efficient ecommerce website will be immediately scalable. A site featuring less than 10 products does not necessarily need to be more complex than a site that features 10,000 products. An efficient ecommerce page will also feature responsive design with elements that can be removed or replaced as products are added or replaced. This means there is very little investment for a business owner to scale up, or scale down their Ecommerce website.

Bandwidth Allocation

A modest business with fewer product offerings will require less bandwidth than a large online retailer. Customising available bandwidth for scalability is simple with any hosting provider, and could range from as little as 1GB in monthly traffic, to unlimited traffic. Businesses can easily upgrade or downgrade their packages depending on the current state of their business.

Content Creation

Content CreationOne of the few ongoing investments that a business may make in to their ecommerce operation is the page content itself. Content writers could produce thousands of product descriptions and informational articles in a matter of days. Producing sales copy in other industries often takes weeks, or even months to complete.

Ecommerce is so prevalent because it can allow even the smallest investment to grow in to a successful enterprise. Ecommerce is essentially a way of monetising web pages, while providing something that consumer’s want or need. Without efficient and competent ecommerce website design, success would not be possible. Any business owner looking to enter ecommerce should partner with a proven designer for their ecommerce solutions. This will allow them to reach the full potential of their business, while taking advantage of the unique benefits that ecommerce has to offer.