Online learning has become more popular today, and learning management systems (LMSs) help to administer, document, report, deliver and track online training programs and education courses. Many universities use a LMS and corporate training departments often use these systems to automate training records, employee registration for training course and to deliver online programs to employees. If you’re unfamiliar with these systems, here’s a closer look at all you need to know about a LMS.

How a Learning Management System Works

To better understand LMSs, it’s essential to understand an LMS’s systemic nature. It offers the framework to assess training and learning goals for individuals and organizations. A learning management system not only delivers the educational content, but it also deals with course administration, registration, tracking, reporting and more. Some of the important dimensions of these systems include compliance training, online assessment, collaborative learning, training resource management, student self-service and the management of continuing professional education.


Certain LMSs also include a performance management system. This system helps to keep track of employee assessments, employee appraisals, succession planning, skills-gap analysis and competency management. When used for businesses, certain Learning and Performance Management systems also provide recruitment and reward functions. Quality LMSs should offer the following features:

  • Self-guided services and self-service
  • Support standards and portability
  • The ability to personalise content
  • Automate and centralise administration
  • Quickly put together and deliver training/learning content
  • Resource management
  • Certification and curriculum management
  • Skills gap analysis
  • Student administration and registration
  • Management of training records
  • Management for training events
  • Delivery of Course content
  • Authoring of courseware

Benefits of Using a Learning Management System

Employing a learning management system has the ability to save instructors and companies a significant amount of money and time. These systems make it easier to train large groups of individuals in a web-based environment in an accessible manner. The following are a few of the benefits of using LMSs for online learning:

Insights into the Learning Process

Since a LMS offers advanced tracking and reporting, these systems make it easy to gain insights into the learning process of students or employees. The systems help generate detailed reports, such as group reports, learning statistics, compliance reports, course reports and more.

Learning Takes Place Anywhere at Any time

Since LMSs allow trainers or companies to upload all the training materials to one location, learners are able to access the materials anywhere and at any time, as long as they have internet access.

Significant Time Savings

Since LMSs help with the creation and conduction of training programs, instructors and companies save a significant amount of time when compare to other traditional methods of training delivery. Programs can be offered at convenient times for students or employees. Programs can also be backed up, shared with others and reused multiple times.

Online Testing is Easy

These systems also make online testing easy. These systems have helpful test and quiz making tools that allow instructors to easily set up tests and automatic grading. Security controls can also be used to prevent cheating on online learning quizzes and tests.

Big Monetary Savings

When companies use these learning management systems, they also enjoy the benefit of big monetary savings. Virtual classrooms provide big savings, eliminating costs that come with lodging, transportation and loss of work while traveling. These systems are reasonable priced and significant save on paperwork and administrative costs as well.

Synotive’s Learning Management System

  • Staff Induction Training
  • Blended Training Solutions
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Product Equipment Training
  • Company Policy & Procedure Training
  • Mandatory Training – Health & Safety etc.

Learning management systems can revolutionise the training and educational process, both for educational institutions and for large companies. From time savings, to monetary savings and the ability to allow users to take care of online learning at anytime and anyplace, investing in a learning management system definitely has a lot to offer.