A well-placed social media marketing plan contributes to your brand presence online and has a measurable impact on your business objectives. Businesses have tried and tested different social media strategies over time to achieve success online. Yet, they find it difficult to reach the desired target and are left in a lurch with no other option left but to ponder on what exactly went wrong with their social media marketing plans.

Listed below are five concrete ways to effectively use your social media promotion plans which help business with improved efficiency, relevant traffic and simplified procedures through effective implementation.

Social Media Management Tools

Social Media Management Tools

Using social media management tools saves time. Popular social media tools like Buffer, Socialoomph, and Hootsuite helps in the effective and timely scheduling of posts across multiple channels.

Curating and Scheduling Content

Curating and Scheduling Content

Gathering unique and interesting content and then scheduling it on different social platforms helps to pull relevant traffic. People around the world have various browsing patterns and as such scheduling posts accordingly help them actively participate in the discussions. This is achieved by using platforms like Feedly or Buffer which facilitate curation and scheduling of your favourite content in a single click.

Focussing on the Platform that Gives Maximum ROIs

Social Media Platform ROI

Promoting on any and every social media platform, regardless of knowing how much return on investment is obtained from each, is a pure waste of time. Instead, compare all ROIs of your social channels together with the conversion values and pick those which give higher ROI as well as conversions. Focus and invest on that platform and save both your time and effort.

Sharing your Post on all Social Media Accounts with a Single Click

Social Media Accounts

Once you pick your best social media channels, try posting updates with a single click to all of them rather than going to each and then posting them. The Buffer plugin available for all browsers simplifies this method where you choose your post and click the Buffer button to make it available on all relevant mediums.

Reuse Older Posts

Reuse Older Posts

Last but not the least, reuse your older posts. If any of your posts has generated a tremendous amount of “Shares” or “Likes” and had been a point of discussion, try reposting it again and see the difference. It doesn’t matter if you post the same tweet twice in a week, month or even a day.


Social media has changed the way people communicate today with many people relying on it completely to establish a wide connect with other people all over the world. The more “likes” and “shares” you have, proves the trust level and popularity of your brand with customers online. Hence, one cannot deny the fact that it is has become one of the important essentials for the development of both business and the brand.

At times, it may feel that the social media hype only works for popular brands. It’s just that you may not be using the right methods of promotion for your own business.

If you would like to use Social media to enhance your business or promote a new service or product, get in touch with one of the best digital marketing companies in Melbourne.

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