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Benefits of Integrating eLearning Solutions


12 Amazing and Interesting Facts about eLearning

Gone are the days when eLearning was considered a costly affair with only some people opting for it due to lack of educational technology, learning and development opportunities. But today as we take a look at the staggering number of organisations shifting towards online learning to educate and develop their employees, it is quite evident that it has got a substantial amount of attention from both education and corporate sectors.

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eLearning Blunders Under The Radar

Designing online learning courses can be a rewarding and challenging endeavour. On one hand, it is rewarding because the course development process can result in a cost-efficient, results-effective and learner-responsive educational program. On the other hand, it is challenging because of the wide range of mistakes that can happen during the course development process.

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Everything is Awesome – Creating WOW Online Courses

The importance of effective and efficient custom course development cannot be overstated especially in creating awesome online courses. For online learning to be cost-efficient and results-effective, it must be learner-responsive. The online learners should enjoy the course and its individual subjects, master their contents, and exit the program armed with the appropriate knowledge and skills.

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7 Ways to Avoid Sinking Your eLearning Course

Don’t let your online learning course suffer the fate of the Titanic – sunk during its maiden voyage into the competitive industry of elearning programs. Here are seven ways that you can adopt during the custom course development process to avoid sinking your elearning course during its first year of operations.

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Secrets of a Successful Instructional Designer

Secrets of a Successful Instructional Designer – An infographic created by Synotive

eLearning Development Checklist – Checking your elearning course before you hit the send button

Resource: An eLearning Development Checklist by Synotive.

Online Course Development – How to Create Effective Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives are an important component of eLearning. These are what students should know, be able to do and under what circumstance at the completion of the unit or course.

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