With rising cost and competition, companies require a system which enables them to manage a large group of learners in a web-based environment. Learners which they can manage, track and report on.

A Learning Management System does just that. Listed below are some of the benefits of an LMS for Learners:

Keeping it Central

  • Study material is centralised
  • Resources can be made available from the one location
  • Learners can view and manage their account

24/7 Information Access

  • A student can learn at their own time
  • They can access the information from anywhere


  • Learners can receive updated information from their trainers
  • They can collaborate with other Learners.

Engaging Courses

  • Learners can enjoy interactive/engaging courses
  • Doing interesting quizzes and games to reinforce learning in a fun way

Devices Galore

  • Learners on the run may be happy to do the course on a tablet or IPad
  • Saves times and allows for more Learners to enrol in courses

Self- Enrolment

  • Some LMS systems allow for Learners to self-enrol and start the courses
  • Depending on the course subject, this means an extra revenue stream for the business as outsiders too can do the courses.

Increasing Technical Skills

  • Learners who are not very familiar with technical skills will become more confident as they are exposed to doing a course online, attempting multiple choice questions, answering text based questions, all online.


  • Depending on the LMS set up, students may receive instant feedback once a task, quiz is completed and this allows them to monitor how they are progressing
  • Feedback can also be personalised and provide students with areas which they need to work on


  • Some LMS’s have an automatic certificate generator once all tasks and assessments have been fulfilled by the student and verified by the trainer. With a click the learner can print out their certificate. Do note that these are generally for non-compliant courses.

There are many other benefits but the above are the main reasons that companies are now looking at a Learning Management system to complement their tradition tools of training and assessments.